Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The PG Question in Miami

In an interview with Bleacher Report featured columnist Peter Emerick, NCAA and NBA champion point guard for the Miami Heat, Mario Chalmers, has declared himself to be " in the front end of the top 10 [point guards in the NBA]".

The comment was made in response to Rajon Rondo claiming to be the best PG in the game.  This is obviously a posturing statement made by Chalmers, but it did spark a short but interesting conversation with a friend of mine:

Matt:  I would take a 40 year old, drunken [Jason] Kidd before Chalmers. Ray [Allen] would be a better PG (maybe that's how he expects to get more playing time).

Curt:  I expect him to take Chalmers' starting spot.

Matt:  I was partly joking, since Ray is such a run-around-in-circles-off-five-screens-then-catch-and-shoot player, would you (if you had [Eric] Spoeltra's job) have him bring up the ball? Or would you forget the traditional system and have LeBron (LBJ) be the handler since he's such an explosive driver and arguably the best passer? Personally, this would be my initial move:

Point player: LBJ
Wings: Ray and [Dwyane] Wade
Post players: [Chris] Bosh and [Udonis] Haslem (?)

Curt:  I've always said that LBJ should be the point.
However, Ray Allen is a great PG.  It prevents him from getting the one-pass shot, but all you have to do is run a play like you'd run for any other shooting PG (Derron Williams, Mo Williams, Delonte West, Jason Kidd) and he'd have an open shot.  Furthermore, the notion that Ray isn't as good off the dribble as Jason Terry, while true, is misleading.  Ray Allen, off the dribble, is one of the smoothest drivers I've ever seen, and his touch at the rim is so effective that, I'm going to get killed for this, I usually prefer him to drive over Paul Pierce.
I see very little reason to have the same guy bring the ball down unless it's a diva like D-Will or if it's a real PG like Steve Nash or Rajon Rondo.

I'm probably way off the mark here.  Sound off in the comments and let me know why I'm wrong.